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Speedy Exhaust & Performance - Exhausts


At Speedy Exhaust & Performance in Hayward, CA, we specialize in the replacement, repair, and installation of all types of exhaust systems. Want to add more horsepower? A new exhaust on your vehicle looks and sounds amazing! An exhaust not only keeps toxic fumes out of your vehicle and cuts emissions, but it also makes your engine work more efficiently and absorbs the sounds from your engine and the road you drive on. If you live in Hayward, Castro Valley, San Leandro, Union City, Newark, Fremont, or other Bay Area cities, and you need a custom exhaust, come to our shop!

Benefits of a custom exhaust system:

  • Increased Power – Freeing up power in your car's engine allows gases to escape more efficiently, therefore allowing your engine to breathe better and create more power

  • Smoother and richer exhaust sound

  • Enhanced style

  • Improved Gas Mileage

We carry a wide selection of exhaust systems including car / SUV exhaust systems, diesel exhaust systems, dual exhaust systems, and cat-back exhaust systems. At Speedy Exhaust & Performance, we can do it all. Contact us today for custom exhaust installations.

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